Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Woven Skin in Morning Light Print release

Woven Skin in Morning Light

Edition of "Woven Skin in Morning Light" soon to be released by Matt R Martin. Limited Edition of 60 for the standard 61cm x 43.5cm Giclee print at $200 each, and a special limited edition release of 10 only for the large 112cm x 78.2cm Giclee Print at $850 each. Prices include postage.

Available Sunday 2nd September at 8am Melbourne time, a guide for your time zone this may help
Woven Skin in Morning Light

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

'Perseveration' new oil painting by Matt R Martin


Oil on board 

Painted by Matt. R. Martin

My Painting 'Perseveration' has made it in to the finalists of the R and M McGivern Art Prize.The winning artist, who will receive $25,000 prize money will be announced on Thursday 10 May 2012 at an exhibition opening at Maroondah City Council’s Maroondah Art Gallery.